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You’ve already tried everything…but can’t seem to lose the extra weight like you used to. Getting rid of excess weight is more than just a matter of health. Other areas, like mental well-being, how you fuel your body.

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Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

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Physical Fitness

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Spiritual Fitness

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Meet Dr. Dana Eason

My philosophy is to work with you as a “partner,” not to make decisions for you, and to help you advocate for your own health. I’ve worked in psychiatry since 2014 & I have a thriving private practice. Although most of my clients had achieved stable moods with the psychotropic regimens we agreed on, many of them still struggled with stubborn weight gain & body-image issues. THEY are the reason Balanced Scale Weight Loss was born. We’re not just another trendy, quick-fix way to lose weight. Our programs are tailored to meet you where you are in your weight loss journey. My goal is to help patients live their best lives. losing weight is a part of this, but maintaining weight loss cannot be achieved without balance: physically, mentally, and spiritually.